Lost at Sea - Vanilla edition

This batch is a wonderful creation or a hot mess.

The goal was to mix the sharp, vibrant scent of peppermint essential oil with the warmth of vanilla fragrance oil. The scent combination is brilliant.

Vanilla has a tendency to turn soap brown. You can embrace it or fight it. I fought.

Vanilla stabilizer is often used - but it is unstable. You buy a green and white bar of soap, take it home, and it may slowly turn brown over a couple weeks. Not good. I used titanium dioxide to keep the vanilla white. 

Shooting for a white swirl against a minty green backdrop, I divided the soap into two batches. Mixed in green mica in one half, titanium dioxide into the other. Things looked good.

A day later, the green swirled with caramel, brown bled into green and yellow claimed dominance against a textured surface. 

The soap smells divine. It really does. It may become a staple soap here. I just can't decide if I should embrace the chaos. 

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