The balm dot calm

I’ve become obsessed with perfecting a balm for dry, cracked skin. 

What have I come up with? Simple ingredients mixed together by hand.

I start with olive, coconut, sweet almond and castor oil infused with the calendula petals. The infusion adds a little herbal magic to the balm.

After a boost from the slow cooker and a few days in a mason jar, the oil is strained. Using a double boiler the oil blend is heated to melt in local Nova Scotia beeswax. Next up is unrefined cocoa butter. It has the double bonus of adding moisturizing properties AND smelling like chocolate. 

After the mixture cools I add Vitamin E oil and essential oils. I've used lavender, a fir/cedar blend and peppermint essential oils in different batches. For the chafing balm I leave out the essential oil.

The tricky part has been to balance out the oils, butter and beeswax to create a hyper-moisturizing balm without it being too heavy on the skin. 

If you have been part of my wonderful tester group, I have questions! 

  • Initial thoughts?
  • Has the consistency been ok for you? Prefer it softer/firmer?
  • How was the moisturizing?
  • Did you like the smell? I could use refined cocoa butter without the chocolate smell. 

For my runner friends who got the ‘Chafing Gear’ balm:

  • Have you tried it yet, or are you waiting for the summer heat?
  • I made this balm with a higher bees-wax content so it’s expected to be firmer. Warm up the balm between your fingers before applying. The bees wax will protect the skin enabling you to log those miles!

Nothing artificial in here. Just good natural ingredients. I'm super happy with the feedback so far. Can't wait to start selling it!



  • Chad

    I recently started using the balm for my dry/cracked hands. The balm is on the heavy side (if you use liberally) so I use it at night. I have seen a significant improvement after only a couple of days. It is a plus that this is made locally with care and natural ingredients. A must have for those that suffer from dry skin!

  • Corinne

    I tried the chaffing balm, here are my initial thoughts:
    - Thicker consistency than what I am used to but it goes on smooth and evenly.
    - I didn’t need to reapply!!
    - I think I would prefer it if it smelled less like chocolate? Although the smell is not at all overwhelming.
    - I love that it’s all natural.
    - It was definitely moisturizing in addition to preventing any chaffing!
    - I like the small container that doesn’t take up a lot of space/weight in my vest if I do take it on the run with me.

    I plan on using it as the weather continues getting warmer!

  • Dan

    Used the chafing gear balm for the first time at weekend.
    - Smells nice!
    - It is firm, so I had to press hard to get some out but once you handle it, it melts a bit and is easy to apply
    - I actually prefer thicker for anti chafe so this is good for me
    - did a 2.5 hr run with no problems
    - compares well to my current anti chafe balm (Squirrels nut butter)
    - I’ll put it through tougher tests as the weather warms up but first impressions are good!

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